Emotional and Modern Classical Music

Broken Peace Cover

Broken Peace

“Broken Peace,” a serene and sonically rich work, exemplifies Theade’s ability to masterfully weave together musical timbres to create transcendence. Initially focusing on a coarse quality of the violins, “Broken Peace” soon softens through the entrance of piano, textured pads, and gentle percussive elements marking downbeats that anchor the listener. With openness and tenderness similar to that of Icelandic composer Olufar Arnalds, the whispering melodies and simple harmonies of this work encourage imagination. This music seems to move outward, inviting listeners to allow their minds to travel outward as well with the progression of the piece.
All throughout, but particularly at moments where the arpeggios break through the mix and approach the listener, “Broken Peace” embodies the ebb and flow pattern of the ocean. However, this piece is not limited to imagery of the shoreline. Rather, it lends itself to all images of nature in motion– misty waterfalls, trees bending with the wind, snowflakes departing from the clouds and arriving on the earth. Ascending and descending notes outline the central tonic harmony, mimicking these tender, natural movements. The piano’s dark, round tone has an ethereal quality, but human attributes in the musicianship firmly ground it in this world. Soaring open harmonies during the climax give the piece an angelic perspective on the wonders of the earth.
Resolve Around The Sun Cover

Resolve Around the Sun

“Revolve Around The Sun,” an undoubtedly meditative, almost poignant piece by upcoming modern classical composer Theade, embodies all the most fascinating qualities of the glitch aesthetic while maintaining an air of maturity that echoes characteristics of Luke Howard’s discography. Theade incorporates those essential qualities of composition and sound design that support visual media– contemplative patterns, intriguing variations, and an almost hypnotic progression that naturally lends itself to storytelling.
The introduction of Theade’s “Revolve Around The Sun,” feels reminiscent of Debussy’s “Footsteps in the Snow,” or “Des Pas Sur La Neige,” as it delicately paints a picture of an icy dystopia through piano ostinato patterns that blossom and fade into an ambient, melancholy soundscape. As Debussy’s disciples remark about his classic prelude, those initial slow “steps” through the snow invite listeners to open their minds and ears to an entire universe outside this immediate snow-covered setting, and similarly, Theade’s piece never loses its sense of forward motion. Ever expanding, the low bowed strings, distant human voices, and finally the introduction of a light hip-hop influenced beat all contribute to the ethereal, dreamlike quality of this piece. Each new voice’s entrance never clutters the existing framework, but rather expands the soundscape, deepens the texture, and gives the music and its story an even wider space in which to breathe.

Theade is a producer and composer of Emotional and Modern Classical music made for film and picture.

In Brevity Cover

In Brevity

With one extra beat in the final bar of each phrase, Theade’s rhythmically fascinating “In Brevity,” holds listeners’ attention from start to finish. The piano introduction of this piece evokes memories of Ben Folds’ quintessential pop piano sound and even some of his pleasant harmonies, but here, Theade expands upon this widely popular sound and creates something new. In terms of the passage of time, this cyclical piece draws a wide circle, taking a single voice, expanding upon it, and ending right back at the beginning with that same intimate piano solo.

“In Brevity” has an ambient pop-feel that makes it appropriate for a wide variety of settings including soundtracks of all kinds. Time passes easily while listening to this work, and its steadiness creates a sense of flexibility. It could accompany a self-growth montage, a long-awaited reconnection, or a moment of reconciliation. The incorporation of the complex snare pattern prepares the listeners for the entrance of the central modern beat. This beat, covering a full range of pitches from low kick drum patterns to high-pitched auxiliary percussion accents, provides momentum and fills the piece with a sense of optimism. This modern work evokes a sense of confidence, hopefulness, and heart-expansion. Cover

The ambient soundscape of “” begins from a far away place, with a bubbling pulse, coming closer and closer. This experimental, post classical work, includes both electronic and acoustic sounds, giving it a futuristic vibe. Theade expertly creates a classical soundtrack that weaves and merges both the synthetic and natural. The glitch sounds, that are like the rustling sounds of mother nature, combine with electronic beats that resonate like a heartbeat. As the music grows and rises, the sound of the piano trickles in with a minimalistic melody.

The piano gives the music a human touch and hypnotises the listener with sad, mysterious, but also hopeful harmonies. The circular harmonies expand in intensity, always yearning forward. It feels like we are transported into a spiralling headspace, thinking back on our memories of the past, while moving ahead towards the future. The music suddenly arrives and finds its place. It is like finding a sense of belonging and comfort. What is left is an atmospheric background and the warm, affectionate sounds of the solo piano. In this new place, there is a feeling of deep fondness and reminiscence. The piece culminates and comes together to tie the past, present, and future.